Thursday, March 8, 2007

Suicidal toddlers

Rebecca's had a monkey streak a mile wide for a while now. One of the more frightening things she's done is when playing in the drawers in her change table/chest of drawers, she will pull her self up with the drawers, which, when they're all open, can cause the whole kit and caboodle to start to tip forwards. Eek.

(like this, only without the shelves above the changing surface)

Anyway, today I was tidying up in the living room and Rebecca toddled off to her bedroom, I followed a few seconds behind. She hadn't been in her room more than 5 seconds when I hear something disturbing. Two quick strides and 0 heartbeats later (you know, because my heart had stopped) and I round the corner to see diapers sliding off the top of her change table as it tips forwards on Rebecca. I caught it at about a 45 degree angle, but the bottom drawer slid open clocking her in the face. I held it there for just a second, not breathing, waiting for Rebecca to make a noise. She started babbling and I carefully set the whole thing down.

I bent down, looking for injury, nothing. Rebecca seemed oblivious to the whole experience, happily talking away. My heart started beating again. Another 10 seconds and I started breathing and talking to Rebecca.

Anyway, gotta see if we can attach that unit to the wall, which obviously should have been done a long time ago.

Oh, and Madeleine wanted me to post something about Rebecca trying to brush her own hair, but it just didn't seem that important at the moment...

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