Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tooth #4 is out!

Finally - after five days and nights of an episodically unhappy little baby, the fourth tooth has emerged. Rebecca is also 8 months old today. I'm having difficulty accepting how quickly time is passing, but I suppose that is simply the nature of things. When I was small, a half hour seemed like an eternity. Now, it goes by in a heartbeat. Of course, if they were selling free half hours, I would be at the front of the line with a handful of cash. I have no time.
I used to have a handheld electronic game. In this game, you are working in a greenhouse, trying desperately to safeguard your plants against herbivorous insects. The longer you play, the faster and more numerous the insects. You are armed with a can of DDT (uh oh) and must spritz the caterpillars once and the spiders twice (of course). No matter how proficient you become, ultimately, you will reach a point of failure because there is just too much going on. Of course, that's what makes the game exciting - just before you capitulate, you feel like you are operating at your maximum ability. Hmmm. I am not trying to say that I am about to lose my greenhouse plants. My point is something more along the lines of - being surprised by how far you can stretch and recover (do not try this with a metal slinky).

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