Wednesday, July 26, 2006

High mobility

Rebecca is a baby on the move! Basically, she can go wherever she wants at unsettling speed (usually towards an item which is not baby friendly). Last week she began pulling herself up to standing using whatever is at hand (a couch, a playpen, me). I have a feeling that she will walk early, just like I did. I walked at 9 months... that's not too far away. I'm not ready!
Sleep continues to be a problem, but Greg and I have agreed to crack down on Becca. It's hard when she is clearly teething, but... sleep deprivation is a strong motivator. I can see the whiteness of the new teeth just below the gum, but nothing has broken through yet. I give it a handful of days, and then we'll have a baby with upper and lower teeth (all the better to bite with).
Anyhow, back to the sleep question... step 1 is re-eliminating night feeding. No more feeding after midnight (she's like Gizmo that way). There are enough madcap adventures around here as it is. That's not too bad. And no picking up the baby - very hard. Actually, to be honest, she will sleep decent amounts of time, and nap very well, it's just that she doesn't want to adopt a reasonable time of day to do these things. I think that is the chief problem. She's a night owl by nature and it's hard to make her change her natural inclinations. Nevertheless, it is also hard to gleefully play with Rebecca in the wee hours of the morning. So, she will just have to adapt (gradually and gently of course).

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